Yesterday, Tunisia celebrated the anniversary of the 2011 Jasmine Revolution.

We are not here to delve into political discussions, but we can’t help but note that the Tunisians adopted their love of actively expressing their opinions from the French.

That Saturday, thousands of people marched in protest of the policies of President Kais Syed, demanding his resignation due to the usurpation of power and a sharp deterioration in the socio-economic situation in Tunisia.

Habib Bourguiba Avenue, a traditional venue for large demonstrations, was filled with thousands of protesters waving Tunisian flags, chanting “the people demand the fall of the regime,” according to a local Reuters journalist.

Many police officers, as well as water cannons, were placed around the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Protesters broke through police and metal barricades to enter the avenue, ignoring initial attempts by the authorities to stage several parallel protests organized by various political parties and civil society organizations.

Another major opposition political party with ties to the pre-revolutionary autocracy held a separate rally in central Tunisia after being banned from marching outside the presidential palace in Carthage.


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